Analy Diego

Analy started her CrossFit training in October of 2012. A trip to San Fransisco changed her mentality forever after visiting the city and seeing the healthy lifestyle and culture the city has to offer. She is a huge part of our JonesN4 community and loves the other athletes here at JonesN4! Her eyes light up when any gymnastic movements are part of the workout of the day but absolutely dreads Wall Balls! Analy walks into the box with a great attitude and just lights up the other athletes and coaches faces! Its a pleasure to have Analy as part of our family here at JonesN4 and we look forward to the many WODs she will have in the future here at JonesN4 CrossFit!

Richard Klein

Richard has been CrossFitting since April 2013. He joined to stay in shape and has noticed improvements in his strength and conditioning but keeps coming back to CrossFit because he is always trying to reach the top…and reach the top he did. Richard was a 2014 CrossFit Masters Open Qualifier in his age bracket!!! Woohoo! Because of CrossFit, Richard can outwork most of his colleagues and it has allowed him to be competitive with just about anybody. He has learned through CrossFit that he can never stop trying and should do mobility daily.  Richard is thanks God for his family and health.  Congratulations Richard!  Keep up the great work!

Chris Turnbull

Ok so normally I would say something but I wanted to get Chris’ view this time so here is what he had to say after a few questions.

I’ve posted before about Chris and have a few videos of us working on IG and FB. Here is a little history on how Chris came to us and a little bit of his journey with us so far.

Broke ankle 3 times in 2011, from March-July. Cause was low bone density. At the time I was training to run a 1/2 marathon later that year and hopefully a full marathon the next year. Once I finally listened to the doctor and slowed down a bit (I was mowing the lawn with my broken ankle), it all healed up. I got put on medicine and my bone density increased. I still have what is considered to be low bone density, but it has improved so it is no longer Osteoporosis.

Fell through attic ceiling January 4, 2013 and broke my hip. The ilium was broken into four pieces. While in rehab, they found that I had Crohn’s. While in the hospital for that initial diagnosis and transfusions to compensate for related blood loss, I got a c.diff infection. This caused me to lose 50 lbs. I had no weight on me to begin with, so most of what I lost was muscle. I was down to 108 lbs. They did not figure this out until March, but it had started at the end of January. Rehabbing the hip wasn’t even an option as I was far too weak from the c.diff to go to rehab. Just walking to the kitchen was difficult. I finally got off the walker toward the end of March and with the c.diff treated, I started to gain weight.

What Got Me Interested in CrossFit: Despite gaining the weight back, my strength and stamina did not return. I am a driven person and I have always been able to push my way through anything and not have to rely on others. The broken hip and the c.diff were the first time I couldn’t just push through and had to rely on others. I wanted my strength and stamina back. It was difficult to even close the hatchback on my car. I remember laying in the hospital after surgery, promising myself that I would come back stronger than I had been before I broke my hip. I didn’t know that I would go through the c.diff ordeal then.

Favorite Movements: Run, Row, Back Squats, Box Jumps, GHD machine

Least Favorite Movements: Airdyne, Burpees, Side Planks, Front Squats

Improvements I have Seen: Everything. My main reasons for starting CrossFit have been achieved. I have my strength and stamina back. I am better than I was before. My flexibility is much better and people can see the visual changes. I am not all buff, but I can see the changes too. It’s not why I went, but I must say its a plus.

What Keeps Me Coming Back: The improvements I have seen , the people who work out with me who are very nice and encouraging, and the awesome coaches. You, Alex, and Chris have been terrific. The effort put in to modify exercises when needed and the obvious knowledge which has stopped me from injuring myself have been greatly appreciated. I have never worked with trainers who would actually take the time to figure out how to modify for me missing my right hand. Being pushed to always be doing more and aiming higher is great. At a gym, on my own, I always felt lost. I didn’t know what to do and short of running or swimming, didn’t really develop a passion. Now, there is a warm up, workout and cash out (If Shelby is being mean!) to tackle. It is a challenging, caring, encouraging place that makes me want to push myself.

Its hard to relate how much CrossFit has become a part of my life. I considered many places before I talked to you. You, Alex, and Chris have been great. I turn 34 on June 13th, yet I feel like I am 28. My goals are accomplished and I can’t wait to do more. The other CrossFitters are great too. Its just an awesome place to workout. Seeing me work out has caused my mom to go the Y and start working out too and her physical health is improving. I know there is something different about JonesN4CrossFit because one of my friends does CrossFit at another CrossFit and he likes it, but he doesn’t talk about the coaches or other people there. When people ask me about it, I am always talking about the “Big 3” and the other people I workout with.

You are stuck with this pain in the ass for a long time!


On that note we are happy to have you Chris you encourage us to make ourselves better and challenge ourselves constantly.

Jennifer Johnson

So happy to have Jenn up here. Little history before Jenn walked into the Box she had not ever…..Ever touched a weight, had no experience lifting. When she first came in she had trouble doing air squats.

Fast forward to present she back squats bodyweight, can snatch, clean and jerk, she just hit her first TTB, and we are working towards that elusive pull up.

We had some questions or her so here they are.

How did you get started in crossfit?
I always drove by JonesN and wanted to try it but was intimidated. I saw a Living Social to try one month at JonesN4 CrossFit so I figured it was a sign to finally do it.
Why did you start?
To feel better. I wanted to get in shape, tone up, and not feel so sluggish or get winded walking up the stairs!
What has changed since you started?
So many things have changed for me since I started crossfit. I have more energy. I can actually run for more than 10 seconds! I still don’t love running but I don’t hate it. I have lost about 20lbs since I started one year ago and I’m sure I have lost a lot of inches. My confidence has definitely improved. I strive to be healthier all around. I used to drink a lot but since I have started crossfit I would rather get up early and workout and feel good all day than stay up late and feel good for a few hours and suffer the next day!
What were your goals?
Typical girl goals; lose weight and look good!
Have those changed?
Yes, I don’t really care about my weight anymore. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy if you’re losing weight. Now my goals are specific, like to string together more double unders and hitting new PRs.
What’s your favorite workout?
It’s scary but I’d say thrusters and burpees. After all we’ve done lately I like ’em because they seem to work so many muscle groups at once.
What’s your least favorite?
Pull ups! Can’t do ’em to save the world!

Omar Haye

Omar has been a consistent fixture at the box. Consistently improving in all aspects of his fitness.

Omar has done a great job coming back from injuries and not letting them hold him back. He’s an athlete at heart and you can tell whenever you see him work in the box. Give him a pat on the back he is this months Athlete of the month.

Analy Diego

Analy started with us here in October of 2012. We are very lucky to have her and her husband with us. They are an amazing team and always push each other while in the box together.

What brought Analy to our box.

Analy: “My husband and I realized we wanted a healthier lifestyle. We wanted to try something challenging, something that would require us to think and learn and to challenge ourselves day by day. I wanted to try something I thought I could never do.”

What does CrossFit mean to Analy?

Analy: “The box to me is more than a place to workout. It is where I hang out with my second family. Whether you are 20 or 60 years old, a former athlete or someone who has never worked out before, everyone supports one another, there are no exceptions. That sense of community is invaluable to me.

Also CrossFit has helped me improve all aspects of my life, starting with my body to my condifence and ability to overcome obstacles and challenges.”


Her favorite workouts would include anything with running, pull ups, and handstand push ups.

Her least favorite would involve wall balls and lunges, Ashleys bday wod may have been her least favorite!! We agree!!

If you see her in the box congratulate her she has been putting in alot of extra work and hitting alot of pr’s GREAT WORK ANALY!!!! keep it up!

Kevin Harrison and Margie Chester

Kevin is always up to take on any challenge that gets thrown at him. He will do so with a quiet confidence don’t take your eye off him if youre gunning for that top spot becuase hes likely to pass you up if you do… thats if youre not chasing him already. Coming from a football background Kevins competitive spirit has driven him to become one of our top athletes. He loves throwing around wieghts and has recently been killing our endurance wods. I hear rumors hes is keeping up with Matt and Patrick now. We are so blessed and proud to have Kevin and his wife Ardet as part of our family in and out of the box. Kevins hard work and dedication to knocking out our endurance wods and hitting the CrossFit wods full force earned him our spotlight. Great work Kevin keep it up!!

Margie is a go getter. She has a super busy schedule but still finds the time between kids. work, family, and hunting to come in and knock out her wods. She is relatively new to CrossFit but has quickly become a fixture in the box. Margie is always there with a smile and is always ready to take on any challenge also. We have seen her improve in all aspects of fitness in such a short time. Not only that but she makes it a point to be at the community events or fundraisers. In mind we just did “Randy” it was her first time doing a hero wod and she killed it. We are so glad to have her with us. Here are some things you may not know about Margie.

how long have you been doing crossfit – July 26th 2013

what is crossfit for you – it’s a relationship, a love – hate one, I love it and hate it. You are always working to be better at it. You argue with it, lose sleep about it and feel accomplished about it!

what has changed since you started crossfit – my self-esteem has improved on how I view myself. I’m no longer embarrassed about what I look like.

what do you love most about it – the people, they make you want to be better at each wod.

what progress have you made since starting – I’m stronger, thinner and healthier

what is your favorite and least favorite workout? – burpees is my least and my favorite? Does anyone have one? Handstand push ups I love to do them now that I can!

Janice O’Beirne and Roy Willborn

Janice O’Beirne:

Janice is the epitome of the saying “hard work and discipline pay off”. Since I started coaching in Feburary, I have seen Janice improve immensely in so many aspects. Not only have we seen the inches fall off, but all of her lifts, cardio, and mobility and flexibility have sky rocketed to the top! You can always find Janice in here in her oversized T giving each work out 110%. She is truly an inspiration to all of us! And not only that, she has some wicked awesome dance moves!

Name: Janice O’Beirne (pronounced O-Burn)
Age: 46
When did you start crossfit?: January 17
Why do you crossfit?: There is nothing else like it. It’s challenging. When you see the WOD and think “oh sh*t…no way”, but then end up finishing it or lifting more than you thought possible…I can’t explain it. You walk out feeling like there isn’t anything you can’t do. Not to mention the gang at JN4CF. There isn’t a more awesome group of people anywhere!!!! Everyone is so encouraging. It’s the greatest feeling!!
Favorite oly lift: Deadlift
Least favorite lift: Snatch
Favorite “girl”: Grace
Favorite cheat meal: vanilla ice cream w/hot fudge or a tasty beverage

What are some goals that you want
to achieve through crossfit: I want to run with the endurance group and work on upper body strength. Can’t do a pull up to save my life.

What is the biggest change you have
noticed since you started crossfit? I’m definitely stronger. Also, I used to get headaches a lot. The headaches are gone!

Roy Willborn:

Leave it to Roy to always manage to find the smallest spaces to cram his 6’4 self in while doing the WODS. But no matter how small the space, he’s always giving it his all in every workout. He could be light headed, pale, out of breath, and red in the face and he won’t stop until his workout is finished. There has not been a time that Roy did not walk through those doors without a smile on his face. There is no challenge too difficult for him to try. We have definitely enjoyed getting to watch him improve since he’s been here.

Tom Shank

If you’re looking for a dedicated early bird, Tom is your guy. Whether he’s out running with the endurance class or wodding with the first class of the day, you know you can count on Tom to be in here sweatin’ up his sweat band and giving everything he’s got. Tom first started out with one of our coaches, Chris, for some one on one training to learn the basics and as soon as we knew it, Tom was killing it in our regular classes. Always humble, dedicated, and motivating to all- he finishes each wod with a bang and you can bet that you will always find him cheering on the next to finish. We are gratetful to have such a determined athlete with a work ethic like Tom’s.

Linda Hayashi

Linda is our classic over achiever! Shes always there to lend a helping hand and puts in plenty of hours in the gym. Any competition shes there to support or represent the box! Last month she made it in 22 days we were only open 27 and we probably forgot to check her in a few times. Don’t laugh… ok laugh Linda is placed in a dilemma every wednesday whether to go to yoga or the swim wods lol She wants to take it all in! We just wanted to say we see you! We appreciate you!

Ardet Harrison

Ardet is an extremely committed individual that has set many goals and has squashed every single one of them. There is no obsticle too hard for Ardet and she comes into every WoD with an ass kicking state of mind. Seeing Ardet’s strengths sky rocket over the past year have been mind blowing. She always comes in with a smile and is determined to be the best she can be. She is truly machine in the box and it has been such a pleasure getting to watch her transform and reach milestones.

Felicia Perez

After a year of slacking on working out and having lost interest in going to the gym I took my first step and signed up for a class at Jonesn4crossfit. It’s been the best thing that has happened to me in only four months I’ve lost a little over twenty pounds. I’m a third of the way towards my goal not only are the inches coming off but my strength and endurance for working out has improved. The staff is amazing, motivating and I can say I have never really been excited to work out until I started Crossfit. On the paleo challenge alone I lost 11 lbs and have trimmed down on inches. I have a long way to go but have already come so far.

Tommy Delong

Tommy Delong has made a commitment to change and he has done just that. Every day he amazes the JonesN4 CrossFit family how far he has come and his dedication to be the best. What an amazing athlete. Congratulations Tommy!

This is his quote “Progress…310lbs to 230lbs. Still have work to do. Completely let myself go after reconstructive knee surgery a while back, but never again!”.

Super Wicked Awesome Peeps

Like to spotlight each and everyone of these athletes for their efforts on the 21 gun salute and Memorial Day Murph! Thank you everyone for coming out and giving it all you had!

This is his quote “Progress…310lbs to 230lbs. Still have work to do. Completely let myself go after reconstructive knee surgery a while back, but never again!”.