Client Spotlight

Tommy Delong

310lbs after reconstructive knee surgery, now at 230lbs!

Felicia Perez

After a year of slacking and not working out and having lost interest im going to the gym, I took my first step and signed up for a class at Jones N4 CrossFit. It has been the best thing that has happened to me. In 4 months I have lost a little over 20lbs. I am a third of the way towards my goal, and not only are the inches coming off, but my strength and endurance has greatly improved too. The staff is amazing and motivating and I can say I have never really been excited about working out until I started CrossFit. On the Paleo Challenge alone I have lost 11lbs and have trimmed down on inches. I have a long way to go, but am so proud to have already come so far.

Ardet Harrison

I was using my babies as an excuse for my weight gain, even though my youngest is 6 years old. After tipping the scales at 180lbs in january 2012, I decided that it was time to stop making excuses and make a committment to a healthier lifestyle. I started a training program of cutting down on eating junk food and my exercise program involved kickboxing and strength training. I saw a difference but was still not totally committed to what I was doing. In September 2012, jonesN4 CrossFit took over the building I was doing my training sessions in and I was then introduced to this thing called “CrossFit”. I haven’t looked back since. This was of working out has really toned my body and I am discovering muscles in places I never knew existed! I am still not where I want to be, but I know that through continued hard work and proper nutrition, I will get there!

Kevin Harrison

Funny how life is. I didn’t know a thing about CrossFit but itliterally just fell into my life by default. I was grinding away at local gyms thinking I was doing well but after a while the motivation slowly decreased. Eating habits were the same since college and I was slowly gaining weight through the years. Istarted following a kickboxing schedule and that was working for a moment but started becoming routine and the results were becoming minimal. It wasn’t until JonesN4Crossfit showed up at the kickboxing location did I get my first exposure withCrossFit. I remember thinking why were these people bouncing around on these big rubber bands and flinging around these pvcpipes……..and watched in amazement as the peeps were stringing multiple pull-ups, and other movements that they made look easy. I decided to take a shot in the dark and attend some classes on a trial basis. Long story short… after followingPaleo challenges and going regularly for a little over a year, the results have been amazing. Lost around 30 pounds since I started. Now I’m running without a shirt………..yes the same guy who wouldn’t take off his shirt on the beach. Getting excited over spending money on shoes that are NOTJordans…..can’t be me……..LOL. All these positive changes thanks to great coaching, encouragement and motivation from the JonesN4CrossFit family.

Jenn Johnson

Jenn came to us with No previous workout/gym experience. She had trouble with air squats when she first started and can now do bodyweight back squats, snatches, clean and jerks, and a number of other movements.

How did you get started in crossfit?
I always drove by JonesN and wanted to try it but was intimidated. I saw a Living Social to try one month at JonesN4 CrossFit so I figured it was a sign to finally do it.

Why did you start?
To feel better. I wanted to get in shape, tone up, and not feel so sluggish or get winded walking up the stairs!

What has changed since you started?
So many things have changed for me since I started crossfit. I have more energy. I can actually run for more than 10 seconds! I still don’t love running but I don’t hate it. I have lost about 20lbs since I started one year ago and I’m sure I have lost a lot of inches. My confidence has definitely improved. I strive to be healthier all around. I used to drink a lot but since I have started crossfit I would rather get up early and workout and feel good all day than stay up late and feel good for a few hours and suffer the next day!

What were your goals?
Typical girl goals; lose weight and look good!

Have those changed?
Yes, I don’t really care about my weight anymore. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy if you’re losing weight. Now my goals are specific, like to string together more double unders and hitting new PRs.

What’s your favorite workout?
It’s scary but I’d say thrusters and burpees. After all we’ve done lately I like ’em because they seem to work so many muscle groups at once.

What’s your least favorite?
Pull ups! Can’t do ’em to save the world!