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We have people coming into the box every day curious about what we do here. They ask questions about joining and most of them tell us how they are intimidated/scared/not fit enough. The list goes on and on… So, we asked our members what advice they would give to someone just joining JonesN4 CrossFit. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


What advice would you give to someone just joining JonesN4 CrossFit?

You will fall. You will fail. But, you will have your entire JN4CF family right there helping you up and showing how to do it better the next time!

 Alyssa C, member for 2.5 years


Take your time and breathe… Yeah, it can be a little intimidating but know that we all started somewhere and put in the work and effort.Things will change when you are ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Never hesitate to talk to your coaches because they are amazing and truly give unselfishly to benefit others. Set a goal (no matter how small) and keep your head up. You will have days where you feel that you failed but learn from it and move forward smarter and stronger from that experience.

 Rosa P, member for 2 years


You’re going to die but we all will help you get through it. It’s hard but worth it!

 Sydnee C (age 12), member for 1 year


Take a deep breathe, embrace it! Everyone started somewhere and just listen to the coaches.

 Margie C, member for 4 years


Have fun! Set goals and crush them. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

 Kristin B, member for 4 years


The whole box is really like a family. They will be with you every step of the way.

  Jessica M, member for 1 year


Trust in the process and have fun. Give yourself a break from the traditional scale-watching, calorie counting BS and just go with the flow. I promise your life will change in four months.

 Hunter M, member for 6 months


Go for it! It will totally change your life for the better!

  Jennifer H, member for 3 years


See all those [email protected]$$es doing all that [email protected]$$ery stuff You’re going to do that, too!

 Genevieve L, member for 1 year


We’ve all been there before. Everyone starts somewhere. It’s a journey and if you need help and support we are there along the way.

 Dan B, member for 4 years


Never give up… Just keep going.

 Ashley P (age 10), member for 1 year


Come say hi! And understand that you are definitely being spoiled by JonesN4!

 Amanda J, member for 1 year (CrossFitting for almost 5)


Listen to your coach and trust the process. And believe in yourself. Your brain is your worst enemy. I wasted months saying “I can’t do that” and getting comfortable modifying movements long after I was ready to progress to the next level. And finally, mobilize. Learn to do it when you are idle. There are so many little things you can do that will pay big dividends.

 Russell B, member for 1 year


Climb out of your comfort zone. The first few months will be tricky and you will most likely get frustrated. Just keep with it.

 Blais C, member for 1 year


Be patient with the results they will come and you’ll surprise yourself over and over again.

 Jessica C, member for 1 year


Just have fun.

 Emily P (age 13), member for 1 year

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