How do you attack a heavy lift? by Bryson Miller

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17.3 is finally about to be announced. You’ve been waiting all week to find out how Dave Castro is going to destroy your soul this weekend.

Heavy snatches… but not just any kind of snatches… Squat Snatches!! Great…


unknownFirst thing I bet you are thinking is “I will only make it this far because there is no way I can snatch that weight.” You are already telling your mind that you are defeated before you have even warmed up.

What if I told you that if you changed that mindset, you would be capable of so much more! You need to let go of all the negativity and think about how great it will feel accomplishing the weight you once thought was impossible! You can’t just go through the motions and expect great results. You HAVE to be aggressive and attack the weight.


il_340x270-894181901_p28v-adfda5eac93f86b7cec2b96e433a4fe6YOU are your only limitation… Now, go out there and get yourself a PR!

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