Active Recovery/ Skill

500 Meter Row at 80%


Active Recovery/ Skill

3 Sets of 20 Glute Bridges (tempo)


2 Sets of 30 Toe Touch Progressions

*Toes Elevated 3 Inches


2 Sets of 20 deadbugs (Tempo)


Skill: Split Jerk Footwork


So happy to have Jenn up here. Little history before Jenn walked into the Box she had not ever.....Ever touched a weight, had no experience lifting. When she first came in she had trouble doing air squats.  Fast forward to present she back squats bodyweight, can snatch, clean and jerk, she just hit her first TTB, and we are working towards that elusive pull up.     We had some questions or her so here they ... read more
Relentless - News


Next few weeks we will be testing it is in everyones best interest to get in and find out the actual...

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is coming to Central Texas Rockdale, Tx to be exact, at Apache pass.  If you want...