JUNE 15 2017

Thursday: Vert CP + Upper Gym/Skill EMOM + Upper AMRAP
A1) Strict Press @ 10X0 tempo, 3×2 reps, rest 90s
A2) 2 TOUGH Strict Pronated Pull Ups x 3 sets, rest 90s
*use weight if needed, scale to ring rows if you don’t have strict Pull Ups
B) 15 Min EMOM:
Min 1: Rope Climb Practice (30s or 1 ascent)
Min 2: 30s HS Walk Practice
Min 3: 30s Kipping HSPU Practice
*if proficient with RC, do 2 without coming off rope (tap toes to floor b/w reps), Walk 30s for max distance, perform 5 TOUGH Kipping HSPU
C) 15-12-9, for time:
Push Up
L Arm DB Row @ 75/45lbs
Push Up
R Arm DB Row @ 75/45lbs

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