Perseverance by Nate Tennison

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Perseverance is defined as “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” Perseverance is required for anything worth doing in life, especially fitness. It’s all too easy to not see abs in 2 weeks and say, “Forget it. It’s not working. Why waste any more time?!”


Well, let’s think. Why did you start working on your fitness in the first place?

Most likely, it is because you are unhappy with something in your life whether it is your physique, energy levels, confidence, etc… I urge you to consider something. How long did it take to get to this unhappy point in your life? 2 weeks? I bet the answer is NO! So, is it fair to believe that you can reverse that feeling in only 2 weeks? Absolutely not. This is obviously a generalized time frame but the idea and concept are the same across the board. There are no shortcuts to anything worth doing in life. Your career, your family, and your health are all similar in that aspect.


there-are-no-shortcuts-to-any-place-worth-going-beverly-12885882Aside from fitness, over the past couple years I have been in the process of applying for fire departments and police departments in local areas. A couple years may sound like a really long time, but you have to consider that the test for each department only comes up once a year. So relatively, it really has not been such a long time and I know this will lead to a life-long career. Recently, I made it past the written exam and on to the oral board interview step in the police department process but was ultimately eliminated at that point. This is the furthest I have reached in the process and, of course, it sucks to get eliminated, but that only fuels my fire more to learn from my mistakes and kick that interview in the nuts next time I get the opportunity to do so!


11909978_1558185877735426_1236570084_nI bring all this up to simply say DO NOT let the small setbacks stop you from achieving your ultimate goals.

Let’s take another look back at fitness, if you are not seeing the changes you expect to see in a reasonable amount of time, take a step back and look at what the problem could be. Are you training enough? Are you training too much? Are you eating poorly? Are you eating enough? Are you eating to fuel? Are you sleeping enough? Are you drinking enough water? The list is endless and, yes, it can be extremely overwhelming. So, I urge you to find a gym and a trainer that you trust to help you along this journey and keep you on track to achieve those goals. Find a community that will encourage and inspire you to persevere through the discouraging, difficult times. Hold steadfast in doing YOUR journey despite the difficulties or delays in achieving YOUR ultimate success.



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