Hard Core
BB complex 7 reps each DL PC FS PP BS x3
Deadlift   4 RM

B. 8 min emom 

TNG PC x 3 build per set; same wt last 4 sets

C. Pendlay rows @20X0 

     4X 5-7 rest 90 sec 


10 min amrap (80% effort)

5 TNG DL (@ 65% of A)


15 ab mat sit ups


Tyler Ito is very honored to be the Athlete of the Month for the month of September here at JonesN4 CrossFit. But WE are truly honored to have an athlete like Tyler here at JonesN4 CrossFit. Tyler got started doing CrossFit 7 months ago after a veteran athlete convinced him to try it out for the first time. He hasn't turned back since! He has spent his entire CrossFit career here at JonesN4 CrossFIt. He loves the amount of ski ... read more
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